Travian Attack Builder - a script to send waves

Friday, December 25, 2009 Posted by me

Travian Attack Builder FOR T3.5 SERVER - multi-language script (Russian language is supported), to create a simple attack and send a few waves in one second. The script works with the new version of Travian T3.5.

The waves are needed to reduce the loss of their troops in villages catapults attack others, but also with the seizure. The time between waves should be the minimum that would be the enemy had not time to send reinforcements between them.

Waves may be interested in. Send and hands, just opening a few windows, and rapidly clicking on the submit button. But this does not always lead to the desired result. Travian Attack Builder excellent automates this process without leaving your opponent no chance.

Start? First download script. Now select the very fat neighbor and click "send troops".

Under the standard page "Send troops" see a new table settings, attack. Choose the type of attack can change the coordinates of the attacked villages, the interval between the waves in milliseconds. (Not to put too small interval, in which case you may be suspected of using illegal means, ie, scripts or bots.)

Set up the wave. Choose in each wave we need units. If the wave goes katy, select targets for attacks. Push button raduyuschuyu eye "kick ass =). Finish the waves are gone, as you inform the inscription at the bottom of the table. Malevolently rubbing his hands and wait for the attack. :-)

In the script still has bugs, they will be corrected. Waves lie perfectly.
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  2. spartaMAN

    best of scripts!

    but i used this scripn only 2-4 hours in the day!

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